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10th Sep 2016

Celtic fans mock ‘new’ Rangers with chant as players get off team bus

It begins...

Tom Victor

Today marks the first Old Firm Derby since Rangers returned to Scotland’s top table.

Or, if you’re from a certain section of the Celtic support, the first Old Firm Derby since a new club called Rangers made it to the Scottish Premiership for the first time in their short history.

The Gers squad arrived at Celtic Park early ahead of the lunchtime kick-off, and as Celtic fan Joey Barton and his Rangers team-mates got off the bus they were greeted with some particularly tuneful Bhoys fans.

If you can’t quite make out the words, they’re singing ‘You’re not Rangers anymore’.

Now, it’s not really in our best interests to get into a semantic debate with this group of supporters, but does the phrase ‘you’re not Rangers anymore’ suggest that this group of players once was Rangers?

Maybe it’s a subtle and creative allusion to Rangers’ over-reliance on former players returning to Ibrox, like Kenny Miller or Danny Wilson. Yes, it’s probably that, right?

Anyway, we’re sure fans of both clubs just chuckled gently at the chants and got on with their day, like anyone would.

Considering the side-plot involving Joey Barton – and the WWE-style clash expected when he comes face to face with Scott Brown – this is hardly likely to be a quiet one.

Not that an Old Firm game ever is, mind you.

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