Callum Robinson celebrates goal with fingers in ears after vaccine admission 7 months ago

Callum Robinson celebrates goal with fingers in ears after vaccine admission

Robinson admitted earlier this week that he had yet to have the vaccine, despite twice having COVID

Callum Robinson appeared to mark his first goal of the night with a pointed celebration as Ireland faced Azerbaijan on Saturday.


The West Brom striker had generated plenty of headlines by telling reporters earlier in the week that he had chosen not to have a COVID vaccination - despite twice testing positive for the virus.

"I haven't been vaccinated, no. That's my choice at this moment in time," he said on Wednesday.

"It's obviously annoying that I've caught it twice but I haven't been vaccinated. Further down the line I could change my mind and want to do it."


Robinson started for his county in Baku, opening the scoring in the seventh minute with a sweetly-struck left footed finish from the edge of the area.

The 26-year-old followed his strike by standing still and putting his fingers in his ears - the intended message clear.


Robinson was defended by teammate John Egan ahead of the game in Baku.

"I suppose first and foremost, Cal was asked a question, he gave an answer," Egan said. "He didn't come out and say he was against the vaccination or anything, so I was quite disappointed to see how many people jumped down his throat.

"Everybody can choose whether to get the vaccination or not, it's a personal choice. As a team-mate, as a friend, I back my team-mates, I back my friends.

"It doesn't mean that I believe the same way, it doesn't mean that everybody is going to believe the same way, but I don't think Cal came out and said he was against the vaccine, he simply just answered a question and said he hasn't had it yet.


"As far as that's concerned, Cal is a team-mate of mine, he's a friend of mine and hopefully now he can kick on with Ireland and do well."

Robinson was scored his and Ireland's second shortly before the interval, his deflected effort evading the Azerbaijani goalkeeper.

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