Calling all football shirt nerds: Atlas release new Day of the Dead shirt 1 month ago

Calling all football shirt nerds: Atlas release new Day of the Dead shirt

It's the Day of the Dead-inspired football shirt you've always dreamed of

With winter just around the corner, this isn't traditionally a time of year we'd expect to be bringing you word of newly released football kits. For this, however, we make an exception...

While some on these shores are gearing up for Halloween at the end of the month, in Mexico, they're preparing to celebrate their equivalent, Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), a couple of days later. As its name suggests, this is a holiday where the dead are celebrated.  It's a pretty big deal, too. So big, in fact, that the holiday is even the inspiration for a new third football shirt, which will surely delight dead Mexicans everywhere.

Some of you may be familiar with Liga MX side, Atlas. The Guadalajara-based club briefly had Ravel Morrison amongst their ranks a couple of years ago (and have a crest which confused more than a few of you on a recent edition of our badge quiz).

At the start of this week, they revealed their new special edition Día de Muertos- inspired third kit, which they will wear throughout the 2020/21 season. And, to be fair, it's pretty good.

Produced by Charly, the shirt is entirely grey with a subtle skull-print pattern seen all over it while the logos of their various sponsors are left in white.

The kind of thing that'll no doubt have football shirt nerds the world over frothing at the mouth in excitement.

For those looking to buy one, this can be done via Charly's store.