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08th Aug 2018

Burnley go full Partridge to announce news about captain Ben Mee

Back of the net

Kyle Picknell


Burnley Football Club have given AS Roma’s English Twitter account something to think about with their latest bit of social media wizardry, celebrating the contract extension of Ben Mee (very good player, unfortunately not the most exciting news in the world) with a classic scene from I’m Alan Partridge.

It comes from ‘A Room with an Alan’, season 1, episode 1, and I did not have to look that information up.

As his wife has kicked him out of the family home, Alan is living in Linton’s Travel Tavern, and goes to view a 5-bedroom show house he definitely can’t afford.

During which, he utters the immortal words:

YES… it’s an extender!

The full scene goes like this, in typical Partridge fashion:

Alan Partridge:
[extending the dining table] YES… it’s an extender! Fantastic. That is the icing on the cake. You know, if King Arthur had an extender on his table.

Estate Agent:
Would have been a different story, really.

Alan Partridge:
Well, it wouldn’t have been round.

Take note, football team Twitter accounts. This is how you get people to talk about a central defender’s contract extension like it is a brand new signing.

We want more Alan Partridge references and we want them now. Here’s some inspiration for you, in the form of a video you have seen hundreds of times, but will watch again anyway: