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02nd Feb 2019

Burnley fans welcome Peter Crouch with perfect sign on top of bridge

Kyle Picknell

Tremendous effort

Burnley fans have welcomed their latest good-touch-for-a-big-lad personifier, historically gangly centre forward Peter Crouch, one of the most beloved men in football. As a result, it was no surprise to see The Clarets roll out the slightly darker shade of red carpet for their new target fan, in the shape of this, a brilliant sign spotted on one of the bridges in the city.

The sign was clocked ahead of Burnley’s home game against Southampton on Saturday, which Crouch started on the bench.

Existing some 20 feet above the ground, the sign reads: “Welcome Crouchie, mind your head lad!”

You know, because he’s tall? Yeah? You get it, don’t you. Obviously you get it.

And here’s a close-up because, let’s be honestly, they could have made it a bit bigger.

Fair play to whoever got it up there, there’s one thing that’s bothering me: It’s got to be ‘Crouchy’ rather than ‘Crouchie’, surely?