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12th Jul 2017

TV presenters caught out by technical glitch during Mayweather-McGregor press conference

They were not prepared for this...

Patrick McCarry

Holy Jaysus, this is embarrassing for all concerned.

Midway through Conor McGregor’s introductory speech during his recent press conference in Los Angeles, viewers of FOX Sports got more than they were expecting or bargaining for.

The first leg of the Mayweather vs. McGregor world tour was being covered live by various media organisations and FOX had one of the best broadcast seats in the house. The Showtime-produced press conference was littered with glitches and FOX fell to one of their own.

As McGregor declared, “Okay, no problem”, the FOX feed cut out and producers quickly cut back to the studio rather than having dead air.

We’re not sure how much of a warning hosts Karyn Bryant and Kenny Florian got but they definitely appeared to be caught unawares. Bryant, in a bath-robe, slammed her laptop shut and Florian tossed his phone off the desk before fixing his shirt collar.

Credit: @CorkGaines [via Twitter]
Both looked ready to fight fires before the feed resumed with McGregor talking about what sort of gloves Floyd Mayweather was sniping about.

Check out the full video here:

You really have to feel for the pair but they handled it well.