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04th Nov 2018

Brutal knockout of the year contender looked like something out of a video game

Good lord!

Darragh Murphy

This is terrifying

Mzwandile Hlongwa is far from a household name in mixed martial arts but he’s enjoying some newfound mainstream appreciation for his knockout victory this weekend.

Hlongwa’s opponent Torbjorn Madsen literally didn’t know what hit him just over a minute into the pair’s fight on the EFC 75 card on Saturday night as he was out cold before he hit the mat thanks to a thudding spinning back elbow out of nowhere.

So many one-two combinations are used as range-finders in striking but there was nothing tentative about Hlongwa’s as he used it to spin and render Madsen unconscious while still standing.

Hlongwa even managed to land a couple of clean shots as Madsen fell to his back but the referee thankfully saved the Norwegian fighter from even worse punishment.

The South African middleweight will likely never hit another opponent as cleanly as he did this weekend and he’s clearly become rather fond of a knockout, having finished each of his last three opponents.

Madsen was 5-0 going into Saturday night but he will never forget his first career defeat as it is bound to feature on MMA highlight reels for years to come.

If you see a better knockout this year, consider yourself lucky because this is absolutely devastating.