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18th Feb 2017

British fighter tries to dance in the middle of his fight, gets brutally knocked out

Showboating doesn't always work.

Darragh Murphy

Showboating most definitely has its risks.

When it comes off, you look like a genius. When it doesn’t, you definitely don’t.

It’s one thing trying a flick with a football only to fall on your ass but it’s a much riskier strategy when your sport involves fighting other trained combatants in an enclosed cage.

As greatest of all time Anderson Silva will testify, there is no worse way to get knocked out than when it happens because you’ve decided to show off a bit.

Colchester featherweight Joe Harding found that out the hard way this weekend when he met Johan Segas at BCMMA 18 in Essex.

Over-confidence got the better of Harding early on and he looked away from Segas so that he could offer a little dance move to his hometown crowd in a similar fashion that his fellow countryman, Michael ‘Venom’ Page, might.

But Segas dived on the opportunity and uncorked a thudding high kick which landed flush on the Brit’s jaw, stiffening him up.

It was a brutal knockout and one which resulted in extensive medical checks in the cage but, thankfully, Harding was able to make his way from the cage on his own two feet.

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