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British fighter Michael Page gets very creative as he trolls Ronda Rousey after UFC 207
Someone saw the funny side

There aren't all that many strikers in MMA that one could truly call spectacular.

Bellator's British karate expert Michael Page definitely falls into the category of elite strikers and it must frustrate him greatly to see fighters who earn significantly more money than him flounder so blatantly in that department.

Ronda Rousey earned a disclosed purse of $3 million for her comeback fight on Friday night, when she was steamrolled by the much more assured stand-up fighter in Amanda Nunes.

It was the second time in as many fights that 'Rowdy' looked like a rank amateur on the feet as her defeat last weekend followed Holly Holm's dismantling of the former champion last November, a loss that persuaded Rousey to step away from the Octagon for over a year.

While she remains one of the most popular fighters ever to pull on a pair of UFC gloves, Rousey's media blackout and arguable lack of humility made her the source of much mockery among certain hardcore fight fans.

Having become something of a polarising figure in recent times, Rousey came in for plenty of criticism following her most recent defeat.

Page certainly jumped on the anti-Rousey bandwagon with his response, which essentially saw 'Venom' create a dance which is reminiscent of the manner in which Rousey reacted to Nunes' strikes last weekend.


Say what you will about it being perhaps harsh or taking pleasure in the hardship of others but, we'll be damned if it's not a catchy tune.

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