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04th Dec 2017

Brilliantly innovative gamer found the perfect way to stream UFC 218 PPV

Not that we condone it!

Darragh Murphy

Full marks for creativity.

On this side of the pond, a BT Sport subscription is enough to get you access to every UFC card but American fight fans have to splash out on each and every pay-per-view event.

A lot of fans who find themselves short of cash tend to rely on streamers to illegally get the live feed online in some way or another.

All pay-per-view providers have clamped down in a big way on these illegal streams in recent years and understandably so because they put a lot of work into securing the rights for certain products and don’t want them appearing for free on the internet.

We can appreciate their concerns but that also doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate the ingenuity of some of these streamers, with one in particular deserving a bit of acknowledgement after last weekend.

During the main event of UFC 218, gamer AJ Lester disguised his stream of the mixed martial arts broadcast by pretending he was playing the featherweight title fight on EA Sports UFC gameplay.

Lester regularly streams video game content and he did an incredible job at passing off his piracy as his own gameplay by shouting along with the fight as if he was in control.

It’s illegal, sure. But sometimes illegal things can be funny at the same time.