Brendan Rodgers condemns Leicester trio for breaking Covid regulations 1 year ago

Brendan Rodgers condemns Leicester trio for breaking Covid regulations

Rodgers said he was "bitterly disappointed"

Leicester are investigating three players at the club for a breach of Covid regulations, according to Sky Sports.


James Maddison, Ayoze Perez and Hamza Choudhury were left out of the matchday squad for the Foxes' 3-2 defeat to West Ham at the London Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers did not confirm the identity of the three players, but said the players involved were punished by missing the West Ham game.

"It was a decision I made, we had an internal situation last weekend and it is not a standard that we would expect," Rodgers explained.


"All those boys that you mentioned, they are all good guys, they are all good lads, but we have a standard on and off the pitch that we need to ensure we adhere and that is why the team has been developing well over these last couple of years."

Rodgers also confirmed the trio would be back involved in Leicester's next game, an FA Cup semi-final against Southampton next weekend.

"The boys will re-join this group after this game, the consequence of this behaviour is they will miss this game, but they will join the group next week and then we will get ready for a semi-final," Rodgers said.

"It is internal and something that is being dealt with from within.


"The boys that you mentioned, it is something that of course is disappointing but I know them, it is a behaviour and a mistake that they have made, it is not their identity and it is certainly not the identity of what we are trying to produce.

"It would have been easy to just have them here, but it is not what we are about, we have a set of values for this team and this football club, and we have to adhere to that and like I say, the players in the main have been brilliant during my time, and they are top players.

"But they will re-join the group next week and they will work hard and we will all be back together again.

"You can do it if you are soft, but for me, it is always about discipline, in order to be a winner and to compete at the top end of this table, you have to act like a winner and that winning and that winning mentality is a certain level of behaviour and a mindset that allows you to prepare every day for every game.


"From a personal perspective I was bitterly disappointed. But it's a mistake that they've made and I won't hold it against them. It's in the past now.

"So no, I had no hesitation, you can fine players nowadays and whatever else, but it is a drop in the ocean the consequence what was the football game today, unfortunately we did not have them.

"But we will move on from it and look to finish the season stronger."