Football clubs facing ban on gambling company shirt sponsors 1 year ago

Football clubs facing ban on gambling company shirt sponsors

Gambling firm football shirt sponsorship could be banned in months

Increasing concerns over gambling addiction in the UK could see Boris Johnson announce a ban on betting company sponsors appearing on football shirts in the months ahead.


With a review being conducted by the government, The Telegraph report the prime minister could bring about a ban as soon as autumn, despite there being an awareness that such a move would increase pressure on the sport at a time when revenue streams have been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Any decision, the report continues, will be informed by evidence of the the betting industry's influence on addiction within the sport, but the suggestion is that a shirt sponsor ban looks 'increasingly likely' to happen.

Betting fell during the first lockdown as elite sport was halted. It did not, however, drop to a level many anticipated, with a surge in interest in online slots believed to have been caused by punters who would have normally wagered on football and horse racing.


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is heading up the review, with the PM expected to play a key role.

The betting industry, as would be expected, is poised to fight to prove its presence is not damaging to society.