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02nd May 2019

Benjamin Mendy REALLY enjoyed Liverpool’s defeat to Barcelona last night

Wayne Farry

benjamin mendy

Nice to see him let loose every now and then

Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City and France’s usually mild-mannered and reserved full-back, was in attendance at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night to witness Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over City’s title rivals Liverpool, and it looks like he had a lot of fun.

The Frenchman, who met up with compatriots Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembele after the match, reacted in uncharacteristically loud fashion to the home side’s goals, jumping up and down and flipping the bird to the camera.

Liverpool will probably feel aggrieved looking back on the match, having approached it in an aggressive fashion before being undone by the genius of a little someone called Lionel Messi.

Mendy did look aggrieved though, as he celebrated their defeat as if it was a Manchester City win, which is quite frankly exactly what you want to see from a professional footballer watching his rivals.

None of this faux-respect crap that we see so often, no pensive sitting in his seat with his hand trying to cover the growing smile underneath. Just one man, celebrating goals scored against a team he doesn’t want to see win.