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The boy Baker has shown plenty of passion.

Danny Baker is without doubt one of the best radio broadcasters going.

Funny, insightful and in-tune with real football fans, his BBC 5 Live show on a Saturday morning can veer seamlessly from the sublime to te ridiculous and back again.

Following England's disastrous defeat by Iceland in Nice, which led to Roy Hodgson's resignation, Baker, who is famed for his blunt approach, dissected England's failings in a brilliant and brutal manner.

If you're not a fan of swearing then look away now.

As Twitter rants go, this is right up there.

He comes out of the traps flying. 

Players and the manager. That's who's caused this. 


Not a fan of Premier League wages.

And now the campaign begins. Don't buy any more tickets. 



Now Crouchie's under attack.

And Wayne Rooney.

And overpaid footballers, obvs.


Everyone. Clowns. 

News come through that Hodgson has quit. Doesn't matter.

And what about Brexit? Didn't you think of that you p****s?


Not the time, Glenn.

And now ITV.

Crouchie again. 


All the media. 

Worms. Stupid worms. 

And breathe.


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