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08th May 2019

Barcelona tweet after first Liverpool goal comes back to bite them in the ass

Wayne Farry

barcelona tweet

When will teams learn their lesson with social media?

A tweet from the official Barcelona Twitter account came back to bite the LaLiga side in the ass after they were knocked out of the Champions League by Liverpool in spectacular fashion.

Barca went into the game with a 3-0 lead, but with clear memories of last season’s quarter-final collapse against AS Roma fresh in their minds.

If that humiliation had been lurking in the back of their minds it would have moved up a few rows after Divock Origi gave Liverpool the lead on the night with an early goal following a Jordan Henderson shot pushed into his path by Barca keeper Marc Andre ter Stegen.

While the Barca players began to quickly show nerves, their Twitter account did no so thing. Whoever handles their English-language Twitter account instead decided to tweet the following:

“We score, Liverpool need FIVE – and we’re going to get at least one… agreed?”

Unfortunately, and spoiler alert if you didn’t watch the match, that did not happen at all. Instead Barca collapsed under the weight of a Liverpool side that gained momentum from every interception and counter attack.

The match was sealed by a late moment of genius from full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, leaving the Barca players disconsolate and shell-shocked in Europe for the second season in a row.

They’d probably be better off watching what they tweet next time.