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29th Dec 2015

Barcelona sack player seven hours after signing contract over offensive tweets

The ink wasn't even dry

Kevin McGillicuddy

The 28th of December in Spain is known as the Día de los santos inocentes.

In English that means ‘Day of the Innocents’ or what we would more know as April Fools Day, but in December.

So we had to admit we were a bit suspicious when  it was reported that Barcelona had signed, and then sacked a player within hours for alleged comments on his Twitter page in 2013.

The player in question, Sergio Guardiola (even the name sounded a bit dodgy) impressed while on trial with the club and was pictured on the club’s website signing his contract on Monday afternoon. He’s the player on the bottom right.

However, just hours later, angry Barcelona fans made the club aware of some previous tweets by the player, that are allegedy to have included ‘Hala Madrid’ and ‘Puta Cataluna’ – basically ‘Go Madrid’ and ‘F**k Catalonia’ – on more than one occasion, and the club later announced his contract had been torn up and the initial story taken down.

“FC Barcelona has decided to terminate the contract signed with Sergi Guardiola, after finding that he had published offensive tweets about the club and Catalonia.”

Guardiola has since made his Twitter account private, but these appear to be the alleged tweets.

However the player himself has since apologised, although he denies any wrongdoing.