Barcelona sack their own law firm for advising Lionel Messi on exit strategy 4 weeks ago

Barcelona sack their own law firm for advising Lionel Messi on exit strategy

Barcelona continue to have a normal one

FC Barcelona have sacked the law firm Cuatrecasas for advising club legend Lionel Messi on his highly publicised exit strategy from the club.

According to a report in Marca which cites an initial Crónica Global story, the law firm had in the past represented both club and player, but that the longstanding relationship with Barcelona is now at an end.

It was revealed last week that Messi had signalled his intention to leave Camp Nou by sending Barca a burofax, a legal document that requires confirmation of receipt by the recipient and is commonly used in Spanish business.

It's understood that Cuatrecasas advised Messi on this document, which was reportedly sent on August 20, three days before the Champions League final.

Messi's departure from the club will likely remain a protracted affair, due to the lack of agreement between the club and himself over the break clause in his contract.

The clause states that Messi can leave for free providing he notifies Barcelona before the end of the season.

The end of the season would generally be the end of May but, Messi's lawyers are expected to argue, due to the delay and subsequent extension of the season due to coronavirus, the end of the season was pushed back to August.

Messi's insistence upon leaving has been met by a mix of praise from teammates and former Barca players as well as staunch criticisms by fans and former pros alike for the club's embattled board.