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28th Dec 2016

Barcelona release unseen footage of a young Lionel Messi

Some Messi skills you won't have watched before.

Tom Victor

You probably think you’ve seen every piece of Lionel Messi skill there is to see.

The Argentina international has been in the public eye ever since making his Barcelona debut as a teenager back in 2004.

He has won everything there is to win on a personal level and with his club, with only a couple of major international trophies evading him.

One might imagine there was no footage of the living legend that hasn’t made it into the public eye, from his sensational goals to his wonderful displays of skill and close control.

Even his efforts in training seem to crop up, be they solo efforts, goals from behind the goal line or strikes into a tiny net.

But those are all from Messi the grown-up, who collects awards like nobody’s business. We have had less of an insight into what the South American was capable of as a child. Until now.

As a Christmas present to fans, Barcelona have unveiled footage of a young Lionel Messi, interspersed with some very early interviews.

Oh, and in case you had any doubts whatsoever, he was scoring for fun, leaving defenders on their backsides and dribbling like a pro back then as well.