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07th Apr 2017

Badly needed meeting between Conor McGregor and Dana White reportedly in the works

They need to talk about Floyd

Ben Kiely

Dana White and Conor McGregor need to talk about Floyd Mayweather.

The biggest hurdle for Conor McGregor securing his diamond-encrusted panty night against Mayweather was always going to be his employer.

He’s under contract with the UFC, has propelled himself to superstardom fighting under their umbrella and now he’s looking to bank a serious wedge of cash in the boxing ring against one of the greatest pugilist ever.

Understandably, the UFC will want their slice of the pie, but there has been no reported negotiations between the promotion and the fighters over how big their piece will be.

With this lack of communication comes reports and ‘insider knowledge,’ such as Jeff Mayweather claiming that the UFC want an 80-20 split of the Dubliner’s purse.

What Conor McGregor and the UFC really need to do is sit down and iron this stuff out, rather than let other parties spread rumours about what’s going on in terms of negotiations.

Fans will be delighted to hear that UFC president Dana White already has a sit-down with McGregor in mind, as Brett Okamoto explained in a report for ESPN. After McGregor’s baby’s arrival, the discussions should take place on neutral territory.

“Well, I was talking to Dana White in Las Vegas before heading out to Buffalo for UFC 210. What he told me is that Conor McGregor, he’s going to have that baby in May, right? We’ve known that for a long time.”

“After the birth of his child, Dana White would like to meet with McGregor in New York. he says that’s right in between where they both are- Dana White lives in Las Vegas, obviously, Conor McGregor lives in Dublin, Ireland. They’ll meet in the middle in New York, hammer out some of the finer details of how exactly to make this fight a reality.”

He added that no date was set and that McGregor is fully focused on fatherhood for the time being.