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13th Jan 2016

Aston Villa mark their second win of the season with saddest cash-in ever

Conan Doherty

The scenes at Villa Park on Tuesday night were simply inspirational.

A club that for too long had been laughed at lifted off its knees and dared to touch greatness. A team that had been beaten down and had fingers stuck in its face said “no more” and took a stand.

Aston Villa – the same Aston Villa they said were no good – rose from the ashes and recorded their second win of the season. And they did it in well under 22 games.

Suddenly, Villa are just eight points from safety and maybe… just maybe… actually no, they have no f**king chance. But that didn’t stop them losing the run of themselves as they celebrated a mildly fortunate 1-0 win over Crystal Palace.

In the wake of the rare victory, the club informed fans that they are selling collectors’ items from their first home win of the season.

Where were you when Aston Villa beat Crystal Palace?

But Aly Cissokho isn’t going to cut it for some.

Making history won’t satisfy some greedy supporters.

It just confused most people though.