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20th Nov 2018

Ashley Williams apologises for ‘mugs’ remark about Cardiff City fans

Williams explained that he was just enjoying some 'banter' with the physiotherapist, who has worked with Cardiff for a long time

Reuben Pinder

The Wales captain was caught referring to his own fans as ‘mugs’ on camera

Ashley Williams has apologised for calling Cardiff City fans ‘mugs’ ahead of Wales’ match against Denmark on Friday night.

The Stoke City defender landed himself in some tepid water after a clip of him was tweeted out by the UEFA Nations League in which he called the local Cardiff supporters ‘mugs, doing the Ayatollah’.

‘The Ayatollah’, of course, is a celebration associated with Cardiff City Football Club that involves repeatedly patting your head.

The context of the situation, however, remains unclear, although it has been suggested he was simply commenting on pictures of Cardiff City supporters and players that decorate the walk to the dressing room inside the stadium.

Williams has since apologised for his comments, saying the incident was ‘disappointing’.

Williams clarified that he made the comment when engaged in “banter” with Wales’ Cardiff physiotherapist Sean Connelly.

“It’s obviously disappointing, but it was not meant how it came out,” Williams said at a Tirana press conference before Tuesday’s friendly against Albania in Elbasan.

“There was a bit of banter between me and Sean, who has been Cardiff physio for ages. It was obviously picked up but I didn’t mean to cause any offence.

“We have that banter in the squad all the time and it was just picked up this time. Apologies if it caused offence to anyone.”

It was a very Keysian explanation from the Wales captain, but an honest one. As a Swansea legend, having captained them to Premier League, he shouldn’t be expected to look favourably upon Cardiff City.

Just maybe, check if there are any cameras around before slagging them off in future, eh?