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19th Nov 2015

Arsene Wenger was supposed to be at France game on night of terror attacks

Kevin Beirne

Events like the terrorist attacks in Paris have a way of bringing us all back to reality.

While we often act like sport is a matter of life and death, we all know that’s not really true. But for those at the Stade de France for the match between France and Germany, it could have been.

We now know that ISIS planned to detonate a bomb inside the stadium during the match, but their plot was foiled by a hero security guard who spotted the bomber’s explosive vest.

Had he been granted access, a tragic night would have been even worse.

And Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger has revealed that he could have been one of the victims that night, but he decided not to go to the match as he was running late.


“I was late for my appointment, so I was late to the stadium and I decided to watch the game in the hotel where I was,” Wenger said ahead of Arsenal’s game against West Brom this weekend.

“I was more under shock than fearful. You could be scared because it was four different places attacked. You don’t feel secure anywhere.

“Everybody who was in Paris on Friday night was in shock. France is like England – a tolerant and generous country. You have a bit more of a question of security, because it looks like it’s not the end of it.”