Arsene Wenger says European Super League would 'destroy' Premier League 1 month ago

Arsene Wenger says European Super League would 'destroy' Premier League

'The Premier League has a superiority'

Arsène Wenger believes the idea of a 'European Super League' is primarily to 'destroy' the advantage the Premier League has over the rest of Europe.

Wenger, now FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, said: "The Premier League has a superiority. Project Big Picture wanted to reinforce this superiority."

"The other leagues try to destroy the advantage the Premier League has," he continued.

"For them, the best thing to attain that is to create a European League. So that means to destroy the Premier League, basically.

"So if they get the agreement from the big English clubs, it will happen," Wenger said.

The former Arsenal went on to say that ultimately owners are motivated mostly by making money.

"We are in a period of owners who are investors. What is investors' first target? To make more money.

"So that European Super League is maybe one way to make more money.

Every few months it feels like there are new leaks about ongoing discussions behind the scenes as the footballing overlords plan to break away from playing with the pondlife.

The most recent story of this ilk suggested the biggest clubs in Europe were planning to launch an alternative to the Champions League, rather than a new, breakaway league.

Whatever happens, it is abundantly clear that the richest, most powerful clubs in football, are looking to find ways of consolidating that power and preserving their wealth at the expense of genuine competition.