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16th Mar 2021

Arsenal’s new leaked home kit gives nod to club’s 1999/00 shirt

Wayne Farry

The leak is reportedly Arsenal’s new home kit

The football kit aficionados at FootyHeadlines are really ratcheting it up these days as more and more leaked football kits hit the internet. Last week we saw a kit purported to be Liverpool’s new home kit, a design not exactly welcomed by the club’s fans.

This morning, another kit has dropped and it’s said to be Arsenal’s new home for the 2021/22 season.

Arsenal’s third new home kit since resigning with adidas following their Puma deal, the new kit appears to be give a nod, intentionally or otherwise, to the club’s home kit from more than 20 years ago.

Featuring white sleeves connected to white side panels, the kit appears to be a departure from the last two adidas kits, which featured just white sleeves, and no side panels.

Similar to that 1999/00 kit, the 2021/22 offering has a navy trim, or ‘piping’ on the neck and sleeves. The 1999/00 kit had navy piping from the edge of the sleeves and down along the edge of the side panels.

According to FootyHeadlines, the kit uses the Condivo 21 template, similar to what is believed to be the leaked Juventus kit for next season.

Crucially, purely from an aesthetic point of view, it’s a nice kit. It’s got clean design and it’s something one could see themselves wearing out and about. That’s really all you can ask for.