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09th May 2016

Arsenal fans filmed fighting with each other during Man City game

Nooruddean Choudry

Things are seriously toxic at Arsenal right now.

A season that promised so much at the Emirates is petering out to nothing, and Sunday’s credible but largely irrelevant 2-2 draw at Manchester City did little to defuse the tensions amongst Arsenal fans.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League : News Photo

It seems there’s something of civil war taking place within the Gooner fanbase, with the pro- and anti- Arsene Wenger factions taking out their anger on each other. And it only seems to be getting worse.

We’ve all laughed at the comical rows on YouTube, but now the unhappiness and division is at such a point that fellow Arsenal fans are exchanging blows and partaking in unsavoury scuffles around games.

Following footage of a scrap at the 2-1 home defeat to Watford in the FA Cup, there was further fisticuffs at the game with City at the Etihad Stadium. Lina, or @TurkishortyGoon, uploaded a video of the bother to her Twitter account on Sunday.

It had many Gooners dismayed at the petty behaviour of sections of their support:

There was even a retort from ArsenalFanTV, that some blame for fuelling the escalating rows. With Wenger dividing opinion more than ever, the end of the season is unlikely to dispel the simmering tension.