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15th Jul 2016

Arsenal fans mock Chelsea for signing Kante when Xhaka is ’10x the player’

They Kante be serious

Nooruddean Choudry

The season hasn’t even started and traditional rivalries are already in full swing.

N’Golo Kante is off to Chelsea. He may not yet be wearing the famous blue jersey and posing proudly beside Antonio Conte, but it is all but sorted. And their supporters are suitably ecstatic about signing the Premier League’s most impenetrable midfield rock.

The transfer fee will be in the region of £30m, which seems pretty good value considering the Leicester City player is still only 25 years old. He could solidify the spine of the team for years to come. That said, a number of Arsenal fans are throwing serious shade on the deal.

Not because Kante isn’t a class act – he evidently is – but rather because they feel he is clearly inferior to their own new midfield marauder – Granit Xhaka. The Swiss international was in fine form during the Euros and looks like a great addition to play alongside Francis Coquelin.

But is he really better than Kante? This lot seem to think so…