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19th Apr 2016

Arsenal fans annoyed at ‘jealous pr*ck’ Fabregas for his Ozil-less team of the season

Nooruddean Choudry

Bitter much?

Cesc Fabregas used to be the darling of the Arsenal faithful but nothing could be further from the truth these days. The Catalan playmaker forced a move away from North London to Barcelona, where he failed to live up to expectations, only to return to the Premier League by joining rivals Chelsea.

Now he is seen as a ‘snake’ by many Gooners and his stock amongst them certainly hasn’t much risen after he chose his Premier League team of the year for Sky Sports. There is no denying that the side is a strong one, and fair f*cks to Fabregas, he has resisted the urge to include any of his current teammates.

But it is the distinct lack of Arsenal players in the side that has irked his former fans. This isn’t helped by the inclusion of three Spurs stars in Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld and Dele Alli. There is particular Gooner chagrin at the lack of certain German playmaker…