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12th Mar 2017

Arsenal Fan TV go in two-footed on Lincoln captain after 5-0 rout

Taking no prisoners

Darragh Murphy

The passionate fellows over at Arsenal Fan TV haven’t had much to smile about lately.

Luckily for them though, not many are tuning in to watch the likes of Robbie, Claude, Troopz and Moh smile.

It’s the fiery reactions of the channel contributors that have earned it its cult following and we witnessed another outpouring of emotion on Saturday in the wake of the Gunners’ 5-0 victory over Lincoln City in the FA Cup.

Most neutrals offered applause to the non-league side who had made it to the last eight of the competition but Arsenal Fan TV’s Ty was not as sympathetic.

Ty is one of the most ardent Arsene Wenger defenders out there and it seems like the under-fire manager can do nothing to lose the support of Ty, at the very least.

It came as no surprise then to hear Ty celebrate Lincoln captain Luke Waterfall’s own goal on the hour mark of Saturday’s quarter-final.

In the build-up to the game, Waterfall announced that he hoped to pile even more pressure on Wenger with an upset at the Emirates but the defender found himself on the wrong end of an FA Cup drubbing.

Here’s what Arsenal Fan TV had to say about the result.

“To make it even better, their captain scored the own goal,” Ty said. “Good!

“Because he tried to have a go at our manager. If you want to win, that’s fine but stick to your team.

“He said – and I’m paraphrasing – ‘Oh yeah, I want Arsenal’s fans to turn on the manager.’

“Who the hell are you? Why are you talking about us? You’re Lincoln. You’re nobodies.

“They were lucky to concede five. 5-0, they should go home happy. And their fans as well talking about they’re going to beat us. Beat who? So aliens have landed then?

“He [Waterfall] has wound himself up because he scored an own goal. Who looks like a mug? Not me!”