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27th Apr 2017

Arguably the greatest UFC champion falls victim to laughably ridiculous case of mistaken identity

This would be like someone mistaking Conor McGregor for Sheamus

Ben Kiely

Surely, whoever asked this question was taking the piss?

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is one of the most dominant fighters on planet Earth. He is undefeated at 125 lbs and in his last trip to the Octagon, he secured his 10th-straight title defence to equal the record set by Anderson Silva all those moons ago.

The only problem is, Mighty Mouse doesn’t look as intimidating as his list of achievements suggests. At least he doesn’t to your average punter on the street you thinks that the acronym MMA stands for one of those buildings with ample parking where you quietly walk around staring at ‘artistic representations’ of soup cans while gentlemen with lacklustre ponytails dressed like they were kicked out of Mumford and Sons quietly chow down on their treat of coconut water and kimchi and shush passers-by.

You know, bowling alleys.

Johnson is one of those guys that your friend who doesn’t know about fighting thinks they could easily beat up until they actually see what he can do inside the cage. Standing at 5 ft 3 and walking around at around 140 lbs, you can’t really blame your average Joe for thinking they might have a chance against DJ.

What we’re trying to get at here is that he’s a small dude. A terrifying dude, but a small dude nonetheless. This is why him getting mistaken for number-one middleweight contender Yoel Romero at a recent concert is just a funny thought.

“The Soldier of God” is only nine years older, about eight inches taller, roughly 100 lbs heavier, speaks in broken English with a thick Cuban accent and has the physique of a Marvel superhero.

Either they were taking the Mickey or they thought that the flyweight champion was finally leaving the division behind him and gunning for a superfight against Michael Bisping.

Come on now, Romero is massive!

There’s no way you could possibly confuse him with Johnson.