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27th Feb 2017

Antoine Griezmann’s brother slams claims he only talks about Manchester United for ‘publicity’

He wasn't bluffing and here's proof

Nooruddean Choudry

Well that’s the haters told.

Not a week goes by by that Antoine Griezmann isn’t touted as the next world superstar to be joining Jose Mourinho’s ‘galactico’ revolution at Old Trafford. The transfer window may be shut for a few months yet, but that hasn’t stopped every man and his dog (with a cast-iron Spanish source of course) claiming the Frenchman is Manchester bound.

The player himself has always kept his cards close to his chest, with all the standard comments about focusing on the matter at hand and being very happy in Madrid. Alas the loud whispers about his future won’t go away. Certainly his own brother isn’t exactly helping things by tweeting about the Red Devils at every opportunity.

It has led some to suggest that that Theo Griezmann is purposely encouraging the transfer gossip for ‘publicity’ or ‘attention’, knowing full well that United supporters will add 2 and 2 and make 5. But after yet tweet cheering Jose’s men on with ‘We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wembley’, he reacted to accusations of stirring the pot.

It was the perfect retort too. Someone quoted him saying, ‘This guy is definitely doing it for publicity’, to which Theo simply replied, ‘Man United fan since 14 years and you say for publicity! Pfff’, accompanied with a snap of him as a kid in full club garb.

Theo’s a red, and that’s that. Whether he can influence his brother’s next career move remains to be seen…