Andrea Pirlo's defending has infuriated NYCFC supporters 3 years ago

Andrea Pirlo's defending has infuriated NYCFC supporters

To be fair, they must have known what they were getting with Andrea Pirlo.

The Italian legend has never been the type of aggressive midfielder who sprints to close down space or busts a gut to deny an opposition attacker a shot at goal.

And he was most certainly not going to become that player when his late 30s arrived.

For so long, Pirlo was adored for his nonchalance and ability to move the ball, meaning he didn't have to do all that much running about.

But one can imagine how it might piss off a supporter to see one player giving less effort to the team cause than others, regardless of whether it's a superstar or not.

The Pirlo charm has finally worn off among New York City FC fans, who were less than impressed with the 38-year-old's lack of urgency and apparent apathy when it came to defending.

Pirlo didn't seem too concerned with closing down a long-range attempt at goal from Sebastian Giovinco when Toronto thrashed New York City FC 4-0 on Sunday night.

As the final 20 minutes approached, Giovinco found the net for the second time but, again, Pirlo displayed questionable defending as he broke away from the wall during a Toronto free kick.

It's safe to say that supporters' patience has run out.