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30th Mar 2019

Andrej Kramaric does a David Nugent to deny teammate first ever hat-trick

Wayne Farry

andrej kramaric

You absolute shithouse Andrej

Football is a team game. At its heart, this beautiful sport is about working together and achieving great things as a collective. Individuals play their part, of course, but it’s only when working as a cohesive unit that a team can truly succeed. All of this is what makes football so wonderful.

You know what else makes football wonderful? Shithousery and hilarious selfishness. Right now, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim striker Ishak Belfodil probably doesn’t agree, but it’s the truth.

Belfodil was on a hat-trick during Hoffenheim’s battering of Bayer Leverkusen on Friday night, when he was through on goal.

With the goalkeeper facing him, the Algerian striker struck a clever and sweet sort of jabbed slice with the outside of his right foot, angling the ball towards the bottom corner.

It was going in and he was set to have his first ever hat-trick, until teammate Andrej Kramaric – presumably briefly possessed by the spirit of David Nugent – decided to just get a little touch on it for the craic.

At first you may assume he’s giving it a touch to ensure it doesn’t drift wide, but from the other angles it becomes clear that it was quite obviously going in.

Some people may disagree with his choice, but in all fairness you can never be too sure in football and, also, it was very, very, very funny.