An unfortunate typo made Cody Garbrandt's tweet a lot less threatening 5 years ago

An unfortunate typo made Cody Garbrandt's tweet a lot less threatening

Damn autocorrect.

We can just picture Cody Garbrandt smiling as he proudly locked his phone and slid it into his pocket, content with the message that he'd just tweeted to rival TJ Dillashaw (and to his 130,000 followers).


The reigning UFC bantamweight champion is set to make the first defence of his 135lbs title against Dillashaw, a former Team Alpha Male training partner, following their stint as coaches on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

TUF 25 will see Garbrandt and former bantamweight kingpin Dillashaw train previous Ultimate Fighter alumni before they face off with one another later this year.

The trash talk has been underway for some time but Garbrandt thought he'd keep the war of words bubbling over as he posted the below tweet on Saturday afternoon.


"The only reason you got this fight with me was because Dominick Cruz turned down the rematch," - so far so good...

"I'm going to crave your ass up!!" - YIKES.





Now we don't have to tell you that "crave your ass," and "carve your ass," have two very different meanings and it didn't take long for Garbrandt to see the error of his ways and hurriedly delete the tweet.

And at least 'No Love' could see the funny side of it all.


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