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20th Feb 2022

Amir Khan and Kell Brook share respectful exchange after emphatic fight

Callum Boyle

Kell Brook beat Amir Khan in the sixth round on Saturday night

Amir Khan and Kell Brook shared a respectful exchange between each other following Brook’s sixth round stoppage victory on Saturday night.

The build up to the fight between the two experienced boxer’s had been fuelled by two decades worth of animosity – with both fighters’ legacy on the line at the Manchester Arena.

Fight night itself also wasn’t without controversy just minutes before the fight was due to start after a dispute over the choice of gloves that Brook was wearing.

This led to the Sheffield-born fighter having to change his gloves in the ring just seconds before the bout got underway, however it didn’t affect his performance in the ring.

Brook dominated the fight throughout however and was a rightful winner as the referee put an end to the fight 51 seconds into the sixth round after a series of devastating blows from the 35-year-old.

But despite all of their previous disagreements the two came together at the end of the fight to pay their respects to each other by talking in the ring before exchanging a handshake together.

Khan meanwhile dropped his biggest hint yet that he could retire from the boxing, revealing that “the love of the sport isn’t there any more.”

“I need to sit down with my family, but it is more towards the end of my career,” he told Sky Sports.

“The love of the sport isn’t there any more.

“That is a sign for me that I should maybe be calling it a day.”

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