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31st Dec 2016

Watch amazing Amanda Nunes annihilate Ronda Rousey in 48 seconds

Lit her up like a Christmas tree.

Ben Kiely

UFC 207 will forever be known as the event that the world stood up and recognised Amanda Nunes as the incredible champion that she is.

All you have to do is look at its tagline, ‘She’s back’  to realise who was the main draw for this highly anticipated event. All eyes were on Ronda Rousey. She was supposed to be the star of the card, but champion Amanda Nunes had other ideas. She had a belt to defend.

While she was unable to promote herself in media thanks to the blackout imposed by Rousey, the Brazilian decided to let her fists do the talking and win over the masses the old fashioned way. And boy did she succeed.

Nunes only needed 48 seconds to dismantle Rousey in the challenger’s first trip to the Octagon since Holly Holm’s seismic head kick in Melbourne rendered her unconscious, shattered her myth and saw her lose the belt that she had held onto for such a long time.

Once Nunes found home with the first haymaker that rocked Rousey, she followed it up with the second and then the third landed soon after that. It became apparent that Rousey was out of her depth in this contest as she began stumbling all over the Octagon as the champion stalked her down and relentlessly punished her with her hands.

Nunes eventually pummeled her into a corner against the fence where she kept unleashing a world of pain until Herb Dean had seen enough and awarded her the knockout victory.

After her hand was raised, she made a point of thanking Rousey for her contributions to the sport and helping to bring MMA into the mainstream. However, she wanted to make sure everyone knew that era was over and it’s now her time to be the dominant champion the division needs.

“Before I walk out, I knew, this moment is my moment, she had her time and she did her thing for the sport. Thank you Ronda Rousey, but this is my time now. I am Amanda Nunes, I am the lion.”

“Now she’s going to retire and go to movies and make a lot of money now. You have lots of talent in this division. Forget about Ronda Rousey.”

You don’t necessarily have to forget about Rousey, but one thing’s for sure, you god damn better remember the name Amanda Nunes.