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19th Jan 2019

Alfie Mawson sustained knee injury while putting his football boots on

Fulham centre-back Alfie Mawson picked up an injury while putting his football boots on, manager Claudio Ranieri has revealed

Reuben Pinder

We’ve all been there

Footballers get injured, that’s part and parcel in the game, something to be expected that players and managers simply have to deal with.

They usually come as a result of an awkward tackle or pushing one’s body beyond its limit. But sometimes, footballers suffer injuries caused by everyday clumsiness, the sort of thing that would not stop you or I from doing our jobs, but have greater consequences for professional athletes.

The most recent example of a bizarre footballing injury came last season when Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio had to miss a Champions League game due to “an infection in a pimple caused by epilating the hairs on his legs”.

And now Fulham have fallen victim to a completely accidental, bizarre injury, as Alfie Mawson is ruled out with a knee injury that he sustained while putting his boots on.

He has been sidelined since late December, but the exact cause of the injury wasn’t immediately clear. Fulham boss Claudio Ranieri has now revealed that it happened while the defender was changing his boots.

“It was a very strange injury. He just changed his boots. It was unbelievable,” said Ranieri. “He needs more time. How long? I don’t know,” Ranieri said ahead of Fulham’s clash with Tottenham on Sunday.

Ranieri also said that forward Aboubakar Kamara, who was reportedly involved in a training ground bust up with Aleksandar Mitrović, will not be considered for selection. The reported incident occurred two weeks after the pair argued over who would take a penalty against Huddersfield. Kamara eventually wrestled the ball from Mitrović, but missed the penalty.

Ranieri was keen to pour cold water on rumours of a row between the two players, but confirmed that Kamara is no longer in his plans.

“It wasn’t a battle, it was a chat and something that happens in every team, nothing more,” said the Italian coach.

“I don’t think it was about the penalty.

“Kamara is not in the squad. I will do the best for the team.”