Alexis Sanchez's ankle is looking even more disgusting than before 6 years ago

Alexis Sanchez's ankle is looking even more disgusting than before

Sorry Arsenal fans, but it doesn't look like you'll see Alexis Sanchez lining out any time soon.

The Chilean winger has finally reached the end of a trying season - both mentally and physically - with a Copa America winners' medal in his back pocket.


Sanchez was due to be given some time off last year after leading Chile to their first ever Copa America title, but the Gunners' circumstances meant he was rushed back into the fold and he looked tired throughout the season.

There may be a temptation from Arsene Wenger to rush the former Barcelona man back into the starting team if his side get off to a slow start again, but we can only imagine Sanchez's doctor will be begging him to allow the winger to do nothing but sit on his arse for the forseeable future.



Sanchez was a key member of the Chilean team who sealed a second consecutive Copa America final victory over Argentina (with both also coming on penalties, crushing Lionel Messi's will to ever represent his country again) but the title didn't come without a price.

Shortly after the final, the Arsenal forward shared an image of his swollen ankle for his followers to gawk over.

And while that original image certainly looked painful, it's nothing compared to what his foot looks like now.

Sanchez shared a handy collage of the moment the injury occurred alongside three snaps of an ankle that looks more like something we'd expect to see on a White Walker than on a Premier League footballer.



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