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04th Sep 2016

Pitch invader tried to get US star Alex Morgan’s autograph in the middle of a game

Wrong time. Wrong place.

Tom Victor

Football fans across the pond have torn into a fan who interrupted a NWSL game between the Orlando Pride and the Houston Dash to approach American international Alex Morgan.

The pitch invader entered the field armed with a US national team shirt and a phone, awkwardly approaching Morgan before her teammates helped her get away.

Team-mate Brittany Alvarado likened the situation to receiving unwelcome attention at a bar.

Some have attempted to defend the pitch invader, with an apparent friend revealing that he is banned for life after the incident.

But the wider reaction was one of criticism, with observers noting that no one should feel entitled to an athlete’s time when they are going about their business.

This wasn’t a fan coming onto the pitch during a training session, as was the case in the recent incident involving Neymar. This guy entered the field of play during the game, when Morgan and her team-mates had just reduced the deficit to 3-1.

Many are in agreement that it doesn’t really matter if he just wanted a photo and an autograph – Morgan couldn’t even be left alone to do her job for the duration of a 90-minute football match without someone demanding her attention.

And anyway, we’re pretty sure Morgan doesn’t start with a J.

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