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19th Apr 2016

Adidas have released an achingly cool alternative to Germany’s awful away kit

Nooruddean Choudry

Why didn’t they just release this beauty as their official away kit?

Let’s face it – the official Germany change kit for the forthcoming European Championships is rank awful. It looks like a weird combination of army fatigues, bad television reception and kids’ pyjamas. Quite what Adidas were thinking is anyone’s guess…

But they’ve kind of made up for it by releasing a stunningly retrotastic black alternative under their Adidas Originals label. The shirt is heavily influenced by the iconic 1990 West Germany design, but the monochrome colourway elevates it to even higher levels of cool.

The shirt is available at the Adidas store for a very decent £40. It does beg the question: Why not just wear this divine creation at the actual tournament?

Images via Adidas