Adidas and Gucci team up together to create £785 loafers 1 week ago

Adidas and Gucci team up together to create £785 loafers

Yes, these are actually real

Don't scratch your eyes, you really have read that headline correctly. Two of the biggest worldwide fashion brands, adidas and Gucci, have teamed up to create footwear.


The two brands have collaborated to launch a new range of clothing, including: bags, hats, t-shirts, and shoes, but one item of footwear is causing quite the stir.

In an age when the more flamboyant the garm, the better, these new loafers are certainly not your bog standard pair of shoes.

To summarise what it looks like, the shoe has the leather look to it, the sort you'd expect to see on a pair of Copa Mundials or Kaisers.


Adidas Gucci loafer

At the back though, there is a 330m heel. This shoe is very much screaming five-a-side at six and going out at 10 vibes.

If you're looking at them and thinking that it's a bit of you, you'll have to stump up quite the fee with a pair of loafers setting you back a whopping £785.

Adidas Gucci loafers


With any piece of footwear like this, it's guaranteed to divide opinion across social media, with people quick to give their verdict on the shoe.

One user said: "The £785 Adidas Gucci loafer is the truly the most wondrously awful object that humanity has ever created. It's so gloriously free of the conventional constraints of taste that a richer, drunker me would probably own a pair."


We won't see any players rush to take to the pitch in these any time soon, but you never know, they could become the next big thing to wear on a a night out.

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