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17th Apr 2017

Security checks at certain Premier League grounds could be a lot more stringent

This footage was captured at White Hart Lane at the weekend

Conan Doherty

For most people, a job is just a job to get done, get through, so you can get on with your life.

It should not be like that for security. Not at football stadiums. Not today.

We’ve seen this in plenty of places: those responsible for making sure no-one takes anything they’re not supposed to into a ground offering the most laissez-faire approach to frisking.

Even as a journalist, when you’re carrying a bag absolutely ram-packed with a laptop, chargers, microphones, notes, food and then you have all that covered with more clothes you’ve stored for extra layers, you barely get checked. You might get asked to open your bag and you’ll half-way do that for one part of it and show the clothes and explain it’s just a laptop and stuff beneath and that’s usually enough to get you on through.

The security in some places operates on blind faith because what they’re really asking you when they ask to see your bag is basically just for an alibi if their boss accuses them of otherwise. They’re not performing these checks to really maintain safety – or because it’s important. In some cases, they’re just doing it out of obligation, because it’s on their job descriptions.

It’s a task that needs done and a box that needs ticked.

Most people would do anything to avoid a fuss, never mind a confrontation so we’re in serious danger that some elements of security have slacked just to make things a little more convenient.

At White Hart Lane on Saturday, when Tottenham Hotspur welcomed Bournemouth, some footage captured outside the ground was a real eye-opener.

The security checks were minimal to say the least. Two fingers grazing the top of the sleeve, a quick pat on the ribs, away you go. Sometimes neither the sleeve nor the ribs were even felt.

Basically just an open, welcome invitation.

But Tottenham Hotspur have since responded on the matter.

“We’ve been made aware of the footage, the contractor has apologised and we have taken appropriate action as a result,” the club said.

Still, the matter that split opinion.

It should be remembered that this job directly affects the safety of thousands of people so perhaps being lenient isn’t the best standard.

We’re not going to church after all.