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04th Oct 2018

Aaron Chalmers is officially free to fight again

The Geordie Shore star can continue his MMA career

Darragh Murphy

The haters can continue hating because Aaron Chalmers is free to fight again.

Chalmers seems to relish the fact that his fast-track from reality television personality to mixed martial arts fighter has proven so divisive among fight fans.

The former Geordie Shore star needed just a year to move from amateur to professional fighter with a record of 4-0, earning a spot on a Bellator main card and maintaining his streak of first-round finishes.

But doubt was cast on Chalmers’ immediate fighting future in August when ‘The Joker’ revealed that BAMMA, the promotion which handed him his debut, refused to free him from his contract despite an earlier agreement.

“I was told I was going to be released from my BAMMA contract after the fight with Bellator, that didn’t happen,” Chalmers said on the Helwani Show. “It’s a load of stuff that is now affecting the fighting because it’s a legal case that I can’t fight. So, BAMMA said they don’t want us to fight for them again, I won’t fight for them again after what’s happened, so it would just make sense to terminate the contract but for some reason they’re not releasing us.”

A legal dispute has been ongoing ever since and nobody was as confused as Chalmers when BAMMA CEO and founder David Green was given the position of Bellator’s head of expansion in Europe at the weekend.

Chalmers wants to fight for Bellator but BAMMA had been standing in the way up to now.

That all appears to have changed, however, as the 31-year-old revealed on Thursday that his court issues have come to an end and BAMMA have allowed him to walk away from his contract and continue his MMA career.