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10th Nov 2015

A 40-team World Cup could be on the horizon

Kevin Beirne

The World Cup could be set to expand to 40 teams in 2026 if one potential Fifa president gets his way.

Speaking to Associated Press, Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino said he believed an expanded Euros tournament could pave the way for a bigger World Cup.

“I believe in expanding the World Cup based on the experience we had in Europe with the Euros,” he said.

“If you are serious about developing football it must involve more associations in the best football event in the world: The World Cup.”

While the move would interest the likes of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Europe may not see a huge increase in places. Infantino is likely trying to follow the lead of Sepp Blatter and win over some of the smaller countries ahead of next year’s election.


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