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28th Nov 2016

Man United prove they are football’s good guys with kind gesture to American fan

A lot of clubs could learn a thing or two about kindness from Manchester United

Nooruddean Choudry

Manchester United are often castigated for being the cash-pregnant behemoths of modern football.

Abject results on the pitch may not yet reflect the record-breaking revenues off it, but few can deny that the Old Trafford club are world-leaders when it comes to attracting money-spinning corporate partners and eye-watering sponsorship deals. They’re all about big numbers, big dividends…and big debt.

In fact so adept are the Red Devils at maximising profit margins and fleecing their worldwide following out of their very last pound, rupee, dollar or yen that many feel they represent everything that is wrong with the modern game, where accountants’ spreadsheets take precedence over match day team-sheets.

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Alas, much of the good work that the club does behind the scenes and for the local community goes unnoticed, probably because it’s less headline grabbing than pound signs followed by endless zeros. But scratch under the surface and it becomes clear that United are actually the good guys of football.

Take the weekend’s game with West Ham for example. Mourinho’s men certainly made hard work of breaking down the visitors’ defence, but off the pitch, their generosity and good will shone through for all to see. Indeed one guest of the home side certainly won’t ever forget her special day.

An American woman was made to feel like a real star by the club on her very first visit to the Theatre of Dreams, as the powers that be pulled out all the stops to make it an afternoon unforgettable. Firstly, she was treated to a perfect view and cushioned comfort in the executive seating area during the match…

Then, in an incredible show of hospitality and kindness to a humble fan, the lucky lady was allowed onto the hallowed Old Trafford turf. As is evident from the look on her face, she could not be happier, bless her…

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Although there was some confusion and not a little embarrassment, presumably due to the transatlantic culture clash, as the starstruck fan tried removing her shoes to experience the carpet like pitch barefoot…

Boots back on, her day got even better when she got to meet style icon and Merseyside celebrity Coleen Rooney. No doubt she was grateful to receive some much needed glamour tips from the Man United club captain’s better half…

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Understandably delirious at the remarkable events of the day, the giddy fan overstepped the mark somewhat by approaching the actual talent. Looking quite overcome with adulation, he plucked up the courage to speak to United star man Michael Carrick…

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

In all fairness, she is unlikely to ever have encountered someone of the calibre and world-renown of Carrick, and so who can blame her for snatching the opportunity to speak to a bona fide famous person and personal hero?

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Fair play to Carrick too. Instead of calling security and having the woman evicted from the stadium, he took pity on her and was utter humility personified. In fact he was even kind enough to pose for a cheeky selfie request…

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League : News Photo

Of course you won’t see these images anywhere else because what’s so interesting about the club showing immense kindness and goodwill to a lifelong Red? Who cares that they made some nobody’s day, and gifted her with golden memories that she’ll cherish forever?

Well the club care, and that’s what matters. We understand this poor woman has been through a lot. Apparently she has been the victim of a Las Vegas heist, been embroiled in a stressful court-case with an evil energy corporation, run away from a number of wedding ceremonies, and even worked as a lady of the night.

But for one day, Manchester United made her dreams come true. If you’re out there, American lady, we’d love to hear from you for a follow-up piece on your priceless experience at a club that truly cares about its fans.

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