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10th Jun 2017

Thousands of people have RSVP’d for Theresa May’s ‘Leaving Drinks’

Wil Jones

She’s not left yet….

Despite Labour’s surge and the the Conservatives losing their majority, it looks like Theresa May is like to remain as Prime Minister, heading up a coalition with the DUP.

Things are very much still up in the air though, especially in the long term, with a Labour-Led coalition, Boris Johnson taking the Tory leadership, or even another election in a few months being predicted by pundits. Whatever happens, things look shaky for May.

At least if she does end up losing her job, she can have a good send off. Nearly 19,000 have already RSVP’d for her unofficial ‘Leaving Drinks’ on Facebook. 4,800 people have said they will attend, with another 14,000 saying they are interested.

The event was created by someone called Mark Stott, and are planned to take place on June 29th, at 5pm. The venue is going to be The Red Lion, a nice looking gastropub in Westminster – nice and convenient to get to from Number 10.