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09th Jan 2020

The child refugee separated from his only living family member


Can you imagine being cut adrift from your entire family, with no way to reach them?

This scenario will sound like an otherworldly nightmare for most of us. Being ripped apart from our loved ones and left to fend for ourselves is something that the vast majority of us have only witnessed on film.

The prospect of this happening to us in our actual lives is barely comprehensible, but for far too many this is not some hypothetical horror, it is everyday reality.

For a long time, child refugees from around the world have had the right to be reunited with family members living in the United Kingdom. On January 8 2020, MPs voted to remove that right after Brexit.

This will have devastating effects on huge amounts of children living in danger. One of those children is Ali’s nephew, who’s sixteen. His father was killed in Afghanistan. He’s alone, and now may never be reunited with his uncle.