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26th Jul 2022

Stanley Johnson snaps after Boris is called ‘a liar’ live on TV

Jack Peat

The PM’s dad told a journalist he ‘ought to be careful’ about how he uses language following the heated exchange 

Stanley Johnson came to blows with a journalist on GB News after his son was dubbed a ‘liar’ during a fiery exchange.

According to reports, Boris Johnson has allegedly said he doesn’t “want to resign” and wishes “he could carry on as Prime Minister” to fight the next election.

He told Lord Cruddas over lunch at Chequers that he would “wipe away” everything that stops him from being PM in a second if he could, despite the campaign to replace him being well underway.

Former Tory MEP, David Campbell Bannerman, who set up a petition to keep Boris in the job with the Tory peer, said that replacing Boris would “guarantee a Labour victory” on Dan Wootton’s GB News show, adding that the membership are “very upset” about what has happened to “our elected leader”.

Responding to the comments, senior reporter Benjamin Butterworth rubbished the claims and insisted that the outgoing PM must be forced out of Number 10.

“Boris Johnson is the only Prime Minister who has been ousted because he lacked the basic decency of public office,” he said.

“All of those predecessors that you mention [Margaret Thatcher] they had some kind of policy decision that eventually became too toxic and too controversial.

“Boris Johnson lied over what happened regarding parties, he lied over the Chris Pincher interview process…”

Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson snapped back: “I’m not going to sit here next to you and hear you toss words out like ‘lie’ I’m not having that.”

Mr Butterworth added: “Well, did he tell the truth about the Partygate?”

Mr Johnson Sr replied: “Well he certainly did. As far as I’m concerned, he has not been found to have lied. There is no evidence of this, but I don’t want to go down that route.

“You all ought to be careful about the way you use language.”

Watch the tense clip below:

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