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25th Sep 2019

Slavoj Žižek is giving a talk in London this week

Fran Golinski Drinkwater

Renowned philosopher Slavoj Žižek is joining up with writer, broadcaster and film-maker Paul Mason to discuss ‘the death of truth?’ and Žižek’s new book, SEX AND THE FAILED ABSOLUTE.

With everyone on the left and right accusing each other of lying and fake news, ‘The death of truth’ is a prevailing millennial issue. In 2016, ‘post-truth’ was the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year. Žižek has a section of his newest book, SEX AND THE FAILED ABSOLUTE, dedicated to it.

The book itself combines new readings of Hegel and Kant with original commentary of film, politics and popular culture.

‘The Elvis of cultural theory’ New Statesman

‘Master of the counterintuitive observation’ New Yorker

‘The most dangerous philosopher in the West’ Adam Kirsch, New Republic

Paul Mason was previously the economics editor of Channel 4 and BBC Newsnight, and is an award-winning writer, broadcast and film maker. His latest book is CLEAR BRIGHT FUTURE: A Radical Defence of the Human Being, which delves into the consequences of the current crisis of democracy and approaches the new challenge of artificial intelligence.

The event will take place at Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, at 6.30pm on Friday 27th September. Both speakers will be available to sign books after the talk.

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