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10th Jun 2017

REVEALED: The true origin of Lord Buckethead, the breakout star of the General Election

Wil Jones

If you’re a fan of really bad movies, you might have seen him before…

The General Election gave a boost to many things – leftwing politics, the DUP – but more than anything, there was one true breakout star: Lord Buckethead, the costumed ‘Gremloid Party’ candidate that stood in Theresa May’s constituency, and instantly became an internet sensation.

Bucketed – real name unknown – has also stood against Margaret Thatcher in 1987 and John Major in 1992. But the origins of the character actually lie somewhere pretty interesting.

He is actually the villain of a low-budget 1984 sci-fi comedy called Gremlins – or sometimes known as Hyperspace, or also Gremlords. No, we don’t expect you to have seen it.

Clearly a Darth Vader pastiche, the film has him accidentally end up on Earth, chasing two normal humans who he thinks are his intergalactic adversaries.

The whole film has even been uploaded to YouTube.