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14th Jun 2019

QUIZ: Can you identify the MP from the constituency?

Wil Jones

A simple test for politics junkies

For those of you who didn’t take AS Level Government & Politics: The House of Commons is made up of 650 members of parliament, each voted for by their local constituency. And as well as serving as ministers or on committees, or tweeting or going on Newsnight, those MPs are supposed to represent the local constiuents that voted for them.

So, this is a very simple quiz to test how much you actually know about British politics.

We will give you a constituency from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. You just have to tell us who the current MP for that constituency is.

Most of the MPs mentioned are household names – but do you know where they are supposed to represent? Sure, you probably have an opinion on them, but do you know where in the country people actually voted for them?

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